• Signature EB Charger Adapter: The signature EB logo adds to the high-end appearance of the charging adapter. Its unique design and indicator lights add for more efficient and safe charging.
  • Signature Projection Monogran: Signature “EB” monogram projection logo for enhanced artistry, style and performance, especially at nighttime.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: Users can also benefit from its large LED visible screen, which displays speed, mode, battery life, and headlights.
  • Signature Bugatti Macaron & EB Plate: One look at the unique aerodynamic design and high-end appearance of the Bugatti electric scooter will tell you that this is not just your average basic scooter.
  • Lightweight and Portable For Easy Transport: Lightweight at only 35lbs, the scooter is constructed with a magnesium alloy frame, which allows for easy transport if you live in a high-rise or to be taken into a home or office for storage and safekeeping.
  • Dual-Turn Signals: For those purposes, this electric scooter features unique lighting functions. Its dual-turn signals are located on the ergonomic handle grips, as well as above the rear mudguard
  • Battery Life Protection: 36v/10ah battery with over-heating, short circuit, over-current and overcharge protection. The battery life covers approximately 22 miles. It is portable and easy to remove. Replenishing the battery will take four hours to charge on a regular home, office, coffee shop, or any plug-on-the-wall charge point outlet.
  • Illumination and Safety: Features illuminated base lights on the sides of the deck, and a back.
  • Safety Dual-Brake System: It has a dual-braking system, a front left hand break lever and rear E-ABS electronic brake for added security and comfort.
  • Front Headlight and Safety Reflector: Front illumination features for performance and performance, especially at nighttime.

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